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                 Wuxi Gissing regards "technological innovation leads the future, intellectual property create the wealth" as a goal and has the intellectual property which can effectively service to business strategy for enterprises. It created, managed and using the rules and regulations, encouraging to technical innovation and creation. According to the market demands, Gissing accumulates intellectual property, identifying and avoiding intellectual property risk and put intellectual property management into enterprise operating management. It accelerate the pace of scientific research innovation and patent industrialization, realizing the virtuous cycles from market--R & D--industralization--market. The rate of using the patents is 88%. Currently the company has applied for 542 patents, including 226 invention patents, 205 utility model patents. Gissing has been  authorized 361 patents, including 59 invention patents, 192 utility model patents.  
                 Wuxi Gissing has greatly improved the design ability and efficiency by technical innovation which speeds up the pace of development of new products and new technologies. It also made Gissing R & D level a big prograss and enhance the ability of innovation by itself. At the same time,it can improve the economic benefits. Gissing has won the prizes like "Wuxi Science and Technology Progress Award", "Wuxi Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise", "Jiangsu Excellent Enterprise in Management and Innovation ", "Jiangsu Demonstration Enterprise in Intellectual Property Management Standardization