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    The physicochemical laboratory introduction

            Wuxi Gissing Acoustic Auto Parts Technology Co,Ltd- Materials Laboratory was established in August 2008. It is a high-tech service supplier which has skilled technology, well service and fine management. It can provide product enviromental test and product reliable test for industrial enterprises, research institutions and other companies. Such as product safety test, chemical analysis, production authentication and other one-stop technical service. Gissing continuously exploring and innovating in the vehicle and component making field. It is dedicating the entire automotive industry chain to automotive OEMs and parts manufacturers, including test and authentication. Thus Gissing has become a high-tech service supplier in  vehicle and component  making field.

  • Analysis of VOC and hazardous substances 
  • Xenon lamp light fastness test 
  • Product environment reliability test 

  •      In March,2012,the Environment Protection Department and the General Administration of Quality Spervision Department jointly issued the "Guide to Quality Evaluation of Air in Vehicle" GB/T 27630-2011. So far, we have the standards about domestic air quality in vehicles.
            In the book, it limits the potency of volatile organics about benzene, toluene, xylene, ethyl benzene, styrene, formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, acrolein these 8 organics. According to these 8 kinds of restricted substance of national standard, each big car factory has specified and modified the VOC emission standard about vehicles, components and materials, so as to effectively control the vehicle interior air quality to meet the requirements of the national standards.
          Gissing materials laboratory can provide VOC test and technical support to the auto parts and materials companies. It is authorized by many European, American and Japanese vehicle companies

    Component test method: big bag / small bag

    Compound test:
              1.organic test: benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, o-xylene, m-xylene, p-xylene, styrene, and hydrocarbon, alkane, acetidin and other kinds of volatile compounds, TVOC, SVOC and other parameters.
              2.ketones test:formaldehyde: formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, acetone, acraldehyde acrolein and other kinds of aldehydes and ketones.

    Material test:
            SVOC, TVOC, aldehyde and ketone, total carbon, formaldehyde, atomization, odor, amine distribute

      Xenon lamp aging test integrates optical radiation, temperature, relative humidity, moisture and other aging factors. It simulates the climate environment under the circumstance of using indoor and outdoor light source. At the same time, it combines temperature and humidity with water spraying period. So the test method is used by most international automobile companies to do the artificial light aging acceleration test.

    ★test standards

    Cherry :Q/SQR.04.095


    Shenlong:D47 1431 K

    Honda:HES D6601

    Nissan:NES M0135

    Toyota:TSL 0601G

    GM:SAE J1885/2412

    VW:PV 1303

    SAICMOTOR:SMTC 5 400 003 (V1)

    Mitsubishi:ES-X83239B 、ES-X83220Q

    International Standard:ISO 105-B06 

            Environment is an unavoidable and must be considerated factor to products, the statistical data which has been accumulated after several years shows that the product failure rate caused by the environment is up to about 52%. And because of the bad environment, the reliable requirements for auto parts and material is much higher than household products, so the simulation experiments of temperature, humidity, light , radiation, mechanical stress are becoming the indispensable method for quality control in production and research.


    ★our advantages:

    In accordance with the requirements of the vehicle company, the environmental test chamber has complete configuration and can be satisfied their standard requirements.

    We have more than ten environmental chambers, covering the temperature range of -40℃ to 300℃, humidity range of 25% to 98%, the volume range of 0.4m3 to 45m3, so we can do a lot of tests like storage and working in high and low temperature condition, humidity and temperature cycling and  alternating, component aging, temperature shock and other environmental adaption tests. It can also do screening test and life length test and so on.

    The environmental chamber is so large that the vehicle doesn`t need to be cut and it can show the realistic situation of the vehicle.

    We have strong technical ability and have been authorized by many vehicle companies.

    Two 0.4m³ chambers      Four 1.0m³ chambers                               A 1.8m³ chamber                   A 1.0m³High temperature environmental chamber

    Three 12m³ chambers                                        Three 26m³ chamber                                                                               A 45m³ chamber
  • Side curtain airbag explosion test 
  • Material analysis 
  • Material test 
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  •        The laboratory has an area of 185m2 explosion chamber, it is suitable for all the size of sedan car currently on the market in this high-low temperature explosion test chamber. The testing temperature can be controlled from -40℃ to 100℃. The explosion system has two high-speed cameras with 20fps to 20000fps frame range which means they can clearly record the whole process of explosion and do playback also.

       Cutting reinforced body                       Installation and identification                       The explosion before the examination          The explosion of post processing
            In order to better analyze and solve the quality problems detected by vehicle  interior tests, we specially configured with international advanced materials analysis equipments. They can do qualitative and quantitative verification to analyze the composition, structure and thermal stability of automotive interior materials. We can offer the valuable analysis data to customers about product quality improving and process optimizing!

             differential scanning calorimeter(DSC)                                   
    Thermogravimetric analyzer(TGA)                                Automatic density meter

                         infrared spectrometer(IRS)                                                      
    Digital Polarizing Microscope                                     Melt flow rate instrument
           With the rapid development of automobile industry, auto parts manufacturers are seeking more market opportunities. From R & D, design to product, GRGT service covers all aspects in quality chain of vehicle and components. It can be satisfied with both OEMs and parts manufacturers for component testing, for garenteeing the product quality safety for OEMs and parts manufacturers. Thus, winning the  opportunities to get into the market quickly and join the global competition finally.

    Serial number

    Test project

    RMB per unit

    Unit price

    Standard for example

    Test cycle


    Environmental durability test
     20 RMB/h
    0.4m3 chamber
    GMW 14189:2007 3-2-1-7
    GMW 14189:2007 3-2-1-21-1
    GMW 14189:2007 3-2-1-8-2
    GMW 3259:2011
    GMW 14124:2012
    D47 1309:2008F
    D47 1217:2009C
    (extra charge needed if fixture needed)
     7 working days(not including environment aging time).
     There are many different kinds of environment chambers, they can meet the requirements of different samples
    25 RMB/h
    1.0m3 chamber
    30 RMB/h
    100 RMB/h
    150 RMB/h
    200 RMB/h
    Material analysis
    300RMB each
    Melt flow rate instrument
    GB/T 3682-2000(only test method A)
    5 working days(not including environment aging time)
    we can provide consulting service
    850RMB each
    TGA(Thermogravimetric Analyzer)
    GB/T 14837-1993
    600RMB each
    DSC(Differential Scanning Calorimeter)
    ISO 11357-2-1999
    850RMB each
     IRS(Infrared Spectrometer)
    GB/T 7764-2001
    VOC and hazardous material analysis 
    material method
    GMW 15634:2007
    10 working days(not including environment aging time).
    All kinds of bag methods(2000L, 500L, 200L, 10L)can be capable to test   
    GMW 15635:2007
    bag method
    material method
    D40 0001:2010A
    D40 0002:2010A
    bag method
    GMW 3235:2011
    D45 1727:2009B
    Formaldehyde emission
    GMW 14236:2011
    total carbon emission
    GMW 3205:2011
    D10 5517:2009F
    Xenon lamp aging test
    60 RMB/h
    whole machine price
    SAE J1885:2005
    HES D6601-93
    7 working days(not including environment aging time)
    We have the first-class equipments in this field and can be satisfied with all OEMs 
    Airbag explosion test
    3000 RMB once
    normal temperature
    extra fee needed if the vehicle needs to be fastened or fixture needed
    7 working days(not including environment aging time)

    Price concessions

    4000 RMB once
    High temperature
    4000 RMB once
    low temperature
    abrasion test(Taber)
    300 RMB(500 circles minimum, 60 RMB /100 circles over 500 circles )
    GMW 3208:2012
    8320Z-SDA-0000 :2002 6-9
    5 working days(not including environment aging time)
    We have rich verification experience and can satisfy requirement of OEMs
    color fastness to rubbing
    GB/T 3920:2008
    GB/T 251:2008
    Gray level assessment
    GB/T 250:2008
    Mechanical properties
    Compression performance
    GB/T 8813:2008
    7 working days(not including environment aging time)
    Tensile property
    GB/T 1040.1:2006
    GB/T 1040.2-2006
    Flexural property
    GB/T 8812.1:2007
    Peeling strength
    GMW 3220:2011
    Horizontal Flammability
    GB 8410-2006
    GMW 3232-2011
    (not including aging time charge)
    7 working days(not including environment aging time)
    Vertical flammability
    (not including aging time charge)

    Company Name:Wuxi Gissing Auto Acoustic Parts Tech. Co.,Ltd  
    Department:Material Laboratory 
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