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      Wuxi Gissing Auto Parts CO.,LTD has the advanced automobile parts production processes and technology research and development, and improve the quality assurance methods, modern management and excellent staff, in order to protect the users with reliable quality and satisfactory service. Our main products are headliner, soundproofing mats, insulation pads, rear bulkhead, carpets, trunk lid, spare tire cover, sun visor, car bumpers and other acoustic components, mainly for Guangzhou Honda, Guangzhou Toyota, Shanghai GM Wuhan Shenlong, GAC Fiat and Nissan, more than 20 well-known domestic automobile OEMs matching supply. With the continuous expansion of our business, but also to meet the needs of the rapidly growing company, intends to seek common development Recruitment following staff positions:
    Address: 322 Friendship Road, Xishan Economic Development Zone, Wuxi  Contact: Mr. Xu  E-mail:11211@wxjixing.com  Telephone:80299666-2502