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    NVH Institute Introduction      

            NVH Institute belongs to Wuxi Gissing Auto Acoustic Parts Tech. CO.,Ltd. It has an anechoic chamber with 4-wheel drive vehicle NVH dynamometer, two anechoic chambers, two reverberation chambers and a sound quality jury room. It has the ability to research and develop material, component and the whole vehicle . 

  • NVH Institute 
  • Comprehensive NVH capabilities 
  • Vehicle level NVH solution 
  • Auto parts leve 
  • Materials level 
  • CAE simulation 
  • Acoustic packages improve – Balance 
  • vehicle NVH test4-wheel drive vehicle NVH dynamometer systematic analysis noise spreading path material and component test impedance tube(sound absorption, sound transmission loss) R-cabine airflow resistence test anechoic chamber product test window (2M*3M, vertical and horizontal) material test window (1M*1M, flat sample) reverberation chamber two 230M3 reverberation chambers R-cabine sound quality high level sound quality jury roomCAE capability material NVH performance simulation SEA vehicle sound package simulation




         Vehicle acoustic package: contains engine cabin, cabin and trunk can improve the vehicle interior noise environment all the soft ornament.


    use reverberation chamber and anechoic chamber to test the sound absorption performance of the part

    R-cabinereverberation chamber  anechoic chamber

    use impedance tube, reverberation chamber,anechoic chamber, airflow resistance and other equipments to test the acoustic performance of the materials

    impedance tube

    airflow resistance

    anechoic chamber


    reverberation chamber

    use CAE modeling to estimate, develop and product the different levels of acoustic performance for auto parts. It can improve the efficiency and reduce the cost at the same time。